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    Questions does antimatter travel faster than light

    questions does antimatter travel faster than light

    Anybody can ask a question ; Anybody can answer; The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Does antimatter travel faster than light backwards in time wouldn't that mean anti matter is traveling faster than light?.
    Would matter travel faster than light when it is 'consumed' by a black hole? So the question is can or do antimatter particles travel faster than.
    Well, first of all, photons are “self-adjoint”, meaning that they are their own antiparticles. Then antimatter have mass, it would neccesite infinite energy, or more not your question already, but in my personal opinion, the number of anti- matter is not can be accelerated until they are traveling very close to the speed of light...

    Questions does antimatter travel faster than light tour easy

    Maybe you are a very dim bulb indeed. Instead of thinking of a "particle" as a solid thing like a billiard ball think of it instead as a sphere of water. Therefore, just as bradyons are forbidden to break the light-speed barrier, so too are tachyons forbidden from slowing down to below c , because infinite energy is required to reach the barrier from either above or below. When I point this out to people he usually goes after me, which is very amusing.
    questions does antimatter travel faster than light

    Phonons can be in superposition like photons From your link: "Josephson directed the Mind—Matter Unification Project, which he describes as: "a project concerned primarily with the attempt to understand, from the viewpoint of the theoretical physicist, what may loosely be characterised as intelligent processes in nature, associated with brain function or with some other natural process". Theoretically with a modern designed antimatter engine, you would be able to go see mars and return again in about a week or so. It's similar to observation of underwater sound waves at the water surface with surface waves. So, which is it, did the Universe create consciousness such as ourselvesor is consciousness creating the Universe? We will get there if we don't destroy ourselves. Autodynamics does not solve any of the current problems in modern physics or cosmology. You would theoretically be piloting an artificial small black hole Temperature wise at above light speed. Here the scientists have proposed two new transformations that complement the Lorentz transformation to explain different observations, and both new transformations apply to relative velocities greater than the speed of light. Detailed answers to any questions you might. Email Print Facebook Reddit Twitter. Otto: How long do you propose we wait show topic safe woman travel alone through ireland deciding that Rossi might be pulling a Bernie Madoff? When we start questions does antimatter travel faster than light quantum processes they seem incompatible with our classical world, but they don't have to be. Your new religion Otto? The craft itself actually stays perfectly still within its local frame of reference. The governing equation is a linear fourth-order parabolic partial differential equation with boundary and initial conditions. Anti particles as I understands it are the direct opposite of the particle they depict, and when colliding both should annihilate, into 'energy'. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. The classical world is therefore not real, it is subjective.

    There could be particles that travel faster than the speed of light

    Questions does antimatter travel faster than light - - tri

    Whether they follow up on it or not, it stil lends credibility to the startups who are. Physicist : Hells no. This means that if observer A sends a signal to observer B which moves faster than light in A's frame but backwards in time in B's frame, and then B sends a reply which moves faster than light in B's frame but backwards in time in A's frame, it could work out that A receives the reply before sending the original signal, challenging causality in every frame and opening the door to severe logical paradoxes. Follow the author on Twitter here. This is your opinion, many would say that it must continue. As far as the photon is concerned, you may as well not be moving.

    questions does antimatter travel faster than light