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    Page show traveling tryouts

    page show traveling tryouts

    Please see the brackets under the Boys Tournament Page. We were able to schedule all games on Saturday. We did have to combine some brackets.
    The Boys Grade Basketball tryouts will be September 24th & 25th at Eagan High School AND September 26th at Eagan Community Center.
    5th - 8th Grade Girls Traveling League Tryouts: (Must attend both days) please contact the President or the Traveling Commissioner on the contacts page..

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    Team placements will be made and announced in February. These are not mandatory. What if I can't make either day:. RCTC does not allow metal spikes and sunflower seeds in the dome. Please do not bring basketballs to tryouts. Players must use legal bats for their age group in the hitting stations during tryouts.

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    • Starters Sports Training Facility in Shakopee - Hitting, Pitching and Catching. Prior Lake Travel Baseball Policy on Injured Players. Repeat on opposite .
    • Page show traveling tryouts
    • Page show traveling tryouts

    Page show traveling tryouts - traveling

    The amount of these fees will vary by the selection of which tournaments, the number of tournaments, and the number of players on your team. The RYBA traveling committee realizes that some players are nervous or anxious about tryouts, especially first time participants. Prior Lake Travel Baseball Policy on Injured Players... Coaches will no longer be part of the evaluation process, but they will still have a part in player assignments. Dates, Times and Location TBD. Players are encouraged to bring a water bottle - no sports or energy drinks. The evaluation fee is non-refundable and will be collected at the time of registration. Team placements will be made and announced in February.

    page show traveling tryouts