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    Must read tips traveling europe train

    must read tips traveling europe train

    Unlike rail passes, which must be purchased before you get to Europe, it's generally date and time and have strict refund restrictions, so read the fine print carefully. day of travel or in advance (see my tips for buying tickets in European train stations). In some cities you can avoid trekking to the train station by visiting a.
    We want your European train trip to be fun, filled with memories, and most of all When traveling with tickets, you don't have to purchase a seat.
    Traveling by train is the quintessential method for touring Europe. I've shown up at the wrong station a number of times, so be sure you read your tickets carefully. but then you have to travel to the Paris East station to catch the train . Also I have another tip I learned when I was traveling in Germany.

    Must read tips traveling europe train tour easy

    You will generally be required to select your seat either at the time of purchase or upon arrival at the train station on the day of your departure. But the two passes are basically the same thing. The Germans are known for being extremely precise and orderly, so it is no surprise that they produce the most in-depth train schedule for all of Europe. What countries, regions or cities are you most interested in visiting? Forum on Education Abroad.

    must read tips traveling europe train

    But wait … make that journey overnight and use the travel time to sleep plus save money on accommodations. This is another very annoying and almost too frequent inconvenience with flying. I live in Finland and I have dreamed of having a railpass and traveling through middle europe for a years. This file may be downloaded for personal use. Also keep in mind that your seat number refers to the letter or number of the car your seat is reserved in.

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