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    Pulse baltimore traveling wave reactor ervin

    This commentary appeared in the Baltimore Son this past Monday It provides basic information about TerraPower's traveling wave.
    Un réacteur à onde progressive ou réacteur à onde de combustion est un concept jamais . TED. Consulté le 21 février 2010. ↑ (en)TerraPower, CNNC team up on travelling wave reactor [archive], World Nuclear News, 25 septembre Termes manquants : pulse ‎ baltimore ‎ ervin.
    ERVIN B. PODGORSAK .. in reactor fission by-product. + n in reactor. (a). Theoretical specific .. (electron gun) are produced by the pulsed modulator. Cut-away view of a standing wave accelerating waveguide for a 6 MV linear .. KHAN, F., “The physics of radiation therapy”, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore..

    Pulse baltimore traveling wave reactor ervin - expedition

    Canards in piecewise-linear systems: explosions and super-explosions. A simple closure approximation for slow dynamics of a multiscale system: nonlinear and multiplicative coupling. Spatially periodic and aperiodic multi-pulse patterns in the one-dimensional Gierer-Meinhardt equation. Ils consomment substantiellement moins d'uranium que les réacteurs à eau pressurisée par unité d'électricité générée grâce à sa combustion de carburant plus élevée, sa meilleure efficacité thermique et la densité plus grande de son combustible. Large deviations for Markov processes corresponding to PDE systems. The first-passage density of the Brownian motion process to a curved boundary with an appendix by D. Averaging of ordinary Differential equations with slowly varying averages.

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